Welcome to Ryan Aerospace. We specialize in the design, development, manufacture, installation and through-life support of cost-effective COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) helicopter and fast jet simulators and synthetic training devices for civil, military and emergency management applications.

Customers and users include Boeing, the Royal Air Force (United Kingdom), the Australian Navy, the Indonesian Navy, Selex ES (a Finmeccanica Company), the Saudi Arabian Military, the University of Montreal (Canada), CSIR (South Africa) and commercial training schools and human factors analysis labs to name just a few.

Ryan Aerospace simulators are modular and reconfigurable with a simple USB interface meaning they can operate on any simulator platform that can recognize a Windows gaming joystick.

Ryan Aerospace is based on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.

Latest News

Ryan Aerospace exhibited at Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas, USA in March. Ryan Aerospace teamed with Precision Flight Controls in a joint venture where we presented our newly-developed Bell 206 helicopter simulator. See details below of this new product that was launched at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida USA last year.

I/ITSEC 2016 Wrap Up

Ryan Aerospace had it's greatest presence ever this year at I/ITSEC, the world's largest simulation and training event held in Orlando, Florida from 28 November to 1 December 2016 with three separate booths.

Firstly, Ryan Aerospace, in partnership with Precision Flight Controls (PFC) launched our new helicopter simulator based on the Bell 206 Jetranger. One is wrapped in a fibreglass shell and the other in a sheet metal version. We partnered with several other organizations to make this new product a reality;

D-Box Provided the booth and the motion platform; Quantum 3D Provided the out-the-window visuals / image generator; and Dreamfoil Creations provided the Bell 206 Jetranger flight model.

The device is based on a Bell 206 Jetranger with cockpit, D-Box motion legs (with 6 inch throw), avionics suite (Garmin 530 GPS with full functionality, NAV/COM radio, ADF, DME and transponder), main instrument panel, overhead panel and intercom system.

Here are some pictures of the new 206 as seen on the D-Box booth (This is the fibreglass cockpit shell option):

The iPad display on the right is an electronic flight bag with Primary Flight Display, moving map, aeronautical charts, approach plates, taxi charts, VFR and IFR maps and terrain / obstacles to name just a few features.

There is also the option of an iPad on the left of the main instrument panel that can be used as a wireless Instructor Operator Station (IOS) which means the instructor can induce failures, position the aircraft, change weather conditions etc. from the left seat or from the observer station at the rear of the simulator.

Check out the I/ITSEC Daily video by clicking below or here.



This is the sheet metal cockpit shell option as seen on the Quantum3D booth.

Here is the Ryan Aerospace HELICREW - Black Hawk as shown on the Calytrix / Titan booth. This sim had a rear crew cabin with machine gun trainer on one side and a hoist on the other. Crew use Head Mounted Displays (HMD's) on these stations.

Pictured below is the HELIMOD Mark II. It has three 55 inch LCD monitors in portrait mode which provides an excellent vertical field of view (FOV) which is essential for helicopter flying. It is also a very cost-effective and easily deployable solution.

Ryan Aerospace also has the HELICREW helicopter simulator. It's a dual control helicopter simulator that is modular and reconfigurable. Pictured below is the device in a UH-60 Black Hawk variant. It has been designed for use with Virtual Battlefield Engines such as VBS3 and TitanIM, this piece of hardware can deliver some serious training objectives at a fraction of the cost.

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW Black Hawk

Ryan Aerospace - HELICREW Black Hawk

Pictured below is the HELICREW in an Army Kiowa (Bell 206) dual control variant. It has a highly detailed and specific instrument panel including Sandell Multi-Function Displays (MFD's) and a working Garmin 430 GPS.

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW

Pictured below is the HELICREW with three simple and cost-effective 42 inch LCD screens but a full 180 degree wrap-around dome can be seen in the next picture.

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW

Here is the Ryan Aerospace HELICREW - using a 180 degree wrap around screen (curved in two directions) with three projectors providing a highly realistic, professional and immersive user experience. This unit is on show at Immersaview in Brisbane, Australia using their unique image blending and warping software. Contact us to make an appointment for a personalized showing.

Ryan Aerospace Kiowa / Bell 206 HELICREW

Ryan Aerospace Kiowa / Bell 206 HELICREW

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW

By loosening off just four bolts, the whole instrument panel can be removed from the rails and replaced with another aircraft-specific module. All of the electronics and logic required for the instrument panel are contained within the cowling and are completely independent of the main base unit. Modules can be changed over in minutes.

The cyclics and collectives are also interchangeable.

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW



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