Commercial Simulators.

We can produce just about any type of commercial simulator you require. Ryan Aerospace has 'off the shelf' models but specialises in developing custom builds for specific applications.

Ryan Aerospace has two flagship products available. The HELIMOD and the HELICREW, a dual control variant of the HELIMOD. We can also custom build simulators using real aircraft such as the Ryan Aerospace R22/44.

Details about these products can be found in this section.


The HELIMOD Mark II (pictured below), is like no other in the world. It is a modular and reconfigurable unit that allows users to change [some of] the hardware to suit the aircraft type in just minutes.

The main unit comprises the main platform with seat, cyclic (with force trim function) and anti-torque pedals.

Pictured below is the HELIMOD in its most basic form with just a basic collective unit attached. This is great for customers that just require a basic set of helicopter controls for uses such as Combined Arms Training / Collective Training with applications such as VBS2 and VBS3.This provides a cost-effective solution and takes up only a small footprint.

Ryan Aerospace HELIMOD Mark II

The HELIMOD Mark II was recently launched at the Flying Aviation Expo in Palm Springs, California, USA. Ryan Aerospace teamed with Precision Flight Controls to provide the standard HELIMOD Mark II with three sixty inch monitors (in portrait mode) giving an excellent vertical Field of View (FOV which is so important for helicopter training.

We also added some avionics systems including the PFC Garmin 530 which has 100 percent functionality as it uses the real Garmin software that is synced with the simulation software.

Ryan Aerospace HELIMOD Mark II

Ryan Aerospace HELIMOD Mark II

HELIMOD units are in use by military and civilian organisations all around the world and enjoy an excellent track-record in performance and reliability. However, the new device has taken things to a whole new level with a vast array of improvements and new features including:


Far superior electronics including Penny & Giles potentiometers to give much more precise control movement with very little 'noise' or interference. Wiring harnesses and connection systems have also been improved. The USB Motherboard is '12 bit' and designed to give the maximum amount of resolution (over 4000 steps) per axis.


Whilst we have still included a fully adjustable seat, we have now added electronically adjustable pedals (via a rocker switch under the pilot’s seat). This means that any sized pilot can fit comfortably into the system. Pushing the rocker switch forward or aft will electronically move the pedals forward or aft using a high quality, high strength electric actuator. In addition to this, the pedals are dampened by a high quality adjustable hydraulic dampener to give a realistic and smooth 'feel'.


The new HELIMOD Mark II is far more stylish as it has been redesigned from the ground up. Made from precision, laser cut and powder coated aluminum and steel plate, every aspect of the design has been designed and built with purpose.


This unit is extremely robust making the unit even more deployable than before - even in the harshest of environments. The Penny & Giles potentiometers in the controls are rated to a massive one billion cycles but can typically achieve much more. Ryan Aerospace has not taken any shortcuts in the design and manufacture of this machine with many of the parts over-engineered to ensure a long life-span, even under rough conditions. The HELIMOD Mark II ships in a neat plastic, foam-lined Pelican case making it easily transportable.


Feedback from real helicopter pilots around the world confirm that the realistic 'feel' in the cyclic controls of Ryan Aerospace products make it like no other in its class. This is brought about largely by the force trim release function developed by Ryan Aerospace which is standard in all of our machines. The force trim function allows the pilot to trim the aircraft and reduce pilot workload. This system has been enhanced further in the Mark II version as it is more precise, more rugged and has upgraded electronics.


Improved collective system with high quality hydraulic dampening as well as a functional collective friction control which can be adjusted by the pilot via a knob just under the front of the pilot's seat. This gives a very smooth and realistic 'feel'. Aircraft-specific collectives can be added (and inter-changed) to provide higher levels of fidelity. This may include twist throttle(s) with idle release latches, starter buttons, gov beep switches etc.


Whilst the HELIMOD Mark II is designed as a 1:1 scale replica of a real helicopter cockpit, the unit takes up only a very small footprint as there is no cockpit enclosure. (Although cockpit enclosures can be added if required.) The Main Base Unit with collective control is approximately 1100mm (43 inches) long and 600mm (24 inches) wide. The whole unit (Main Base Unit, collective and seat) weighs only around 60kg (130lbs).


The HELIMOD Mark II still has the simple and universal USB interface meaning that users can simply plug it in to a PC using Windows or Linux or even A Mac without having to install any drivers as this is done automatically. All of the control axis', buttons and switches can easily be mapped to any control input or function in a matter of minutes. However, we can easily replace this control interface with any other as required by our customers and multiple units can be linked together over a network.


Ryan Aerospace has always been keen to remain 'software agnostic' as users have very different needs and sometimes one software platform is going to be more suitable than another. Existing customers use products such as Presagis HeliSIM, VBS2/3, X-Plane and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D to name just a few.


The unit comes with an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) as shown in the image below. Based on X-Plane technology, the IOS allows the instructor to position the aircraft anywhere in the world by tying in the name of the airport or coordinates or by simply dragging the aircraft around the screen which updates instantaneously in the simulator. The instructor can also change the altitude, heading etc. so that repetitive training tasks can be taught over and over again much more quickly than in the real aircraft. For example, if conducting autorotation training, a scenario can be pre-determined and the student can be put in that situation with the click of a button.

The Instructor can perform dozens of other tasks in real time such as instigating equipment failures, time of day or night and weather conditions.

Ryan Aerospace HELIMOD Mark II - Instructor Operator Station (IOS)


Ryan Aerospace can supply customers with aircraft-specific modules to replicate virtually any aircraft to the required level of fidelity. Coming soon will be a center pedestal incorporating full avionics suite and fully functional Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit from Precision Flight Controls.

Ryan Aerospace HELIMOD Mark II with PFC Garmin 1000

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The HELICREW is a dual control variant of the popular HELIMOD. Pictured below is the HELICREW with a Bell 206 / Kiowa insturment panel attached. Ryan Aerospace have custom manufactured this entire unit including the GPS and Multi-Function Display bezels for the Electronic Artificial Horizon and Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (which takes feeds from the GPS and ADF).

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW Helicopter Simulator - Bell 206 Kiowa

The unit here shows the instrumentation panel layout just like it is in the real aircraft which is great for procedural work and instrument scans as all instruments are in the correct position relative to the eyepoint of the pilot.

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW Helicopter Simulator - Bell 206 Kiowa

The unit (as pictured below) is using just three low-cost 42 inch LED panels but projection domes are also available. The software running on this particular system is Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D with a scenery enhancement package from ORBX.

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW Helicopter Simulator - Bell 206 Kiowa

Like the HELIMOD, the HELICREW is modular and reconfigurable. The cyclics and collectives are interchangeable and the main instrument panel can be removed by loosening off just four bolts and sliding it off the rails.

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW Helicopter Simulator - Bell 206 Kiowa

All of the electronics and logic required for the instrument panel are contained within the cowling and are completely independent of the main base unit. Modules can be changed over in minutes.

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW Helicopter Simulator - Bell 206 Kiowa

Here is the HELICREW in a UH-60 Blackhawk variant which is perfect for combined arms training exercises and mission rehearsal when using VBS2, VBS3 or TitanIM software.

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Simulator

Ryan Aerospace HELICREW UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Simulator

Here is the Ryan Aersospace HELICREW Black Hawk with a rear cabin and machine gun trainer from Virtual Simulation Systems (VSS). This device integrates seamlessly with the front cockpit but the trainees wear Virtual Reality (VR) goggles. Can work with VBS2, VBS3 and TitanIM.

Ryan Aerospace Black Hawk Helicopter Simulator with Virtual Simulations Systems rear cabin trainer, CATS (Complete Aircrewman Training System)

Ryan R-22/44 Helicopter Simulator

Ryan Aerospace are able to develop simulators built / converted from real aircraft. Pictured below is the Ryan Aerospace R22/44 Robinson helicopter simulator. This machine is the ultimate helicopter simulator for ab-initio commercial training organisations. Built from a real R22 with only 2000 hours, all the gauges, switches etc. work and the controls are all original.

Ryan Aerospace R22 / R44 Helicopter Simulator
Ryan R22/44 Helicopter Simulator
Ryan R22/44 Robinson Helicopter Simulator

For a downloadable pdf fact sheet on the Ryan R22/44 Robinson Helicopter Simulator, click here.

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